Registered Nurse with ten years of experience in nursing, and twenty-seven years of experience as a lawyer, representing injured persons.  Mediator for eight years, after representing many clients at mediation as their advocate.


Hi I’m Carolyn.

Becoming a mediator was a choice I made from years of experience in getting cases settled.  Working as an advocate representing hundreds of clients over the years, I knew how successful mediation could be in ending costly and stressful  litigation.

As an advocate. I saw good, bad and mediocre mediators over the years. I knew I wanted to be the best kind of mediator. I also knew I wanted to work in an area where there weren’t many others doing what I hoped to do.  That was, to work with elders and their families.

As a lawyer, I had handled numerous cases involving health care and medical problems.  I started out my mediation practice emphasizing work with elders and their families.  Health issues are always part of the picture.  Using my nursing knowledge and considerable experience as a visiting nurse, I put that to work to help you get your disputes resolved.

I do one other thing a lot of other mediators don’t do:  I offer the additional help of a licensed psychologist as a co-mediator.  His insight and communication skills are invaluable in helping with family conflicts and in getting to the bottom of a dispute.  He’s my husband and business partner, Dr. Mikol Davis.  We’ve been married for over 30 years.  We work well together and always have.  We look forward to helping you get your conflicts settled.  Relieving your stress is the goal!